Henrique? C’est qui?
– Henrique, c’est moi!

My name is Henrique, actually, my second name is Henrique, but I recently started to like using it. Why? Well, when you’re young, Henrique sounds so extremely old, but once you’re 27, it becomes ‘cool’ or ‘retro.’ I want to implement this as my nickname at work, but that’s not so easy. Ah well, online I can do what I want. Henrique it is.

Henrique, c'est moi!I can hear you think: “Why would I be interested in ‘Henrique’ or his life?” Good point! I don’t know. That will depend on what you’re looking for, I guess. What I will bring is the classic blog of someone with extra time and no more interesting things to do: some life stories, a review of some leisure time, every now and then a photo (I have an SLR, I should publish something, right?), my view on some hot topics and so much more.

Will this be important for you? Sure it will. Follow my blog and if you’re as interesting as myself (ahem) then I’ll follow you back. Let’s create some traffic and start affiliating!

Ow, this is some kind of ‘About’ page, so I should add some stuff about myself.

1) Born in Belgium.
2) Half Belgian (mom), half Portuguese (dad).
3) Studied some commercial graphical course (I won’t mention the name as it won’t make it clearer).
4) First job as a student was in fastfood restaurant Quick.
5) First real job was as representative for Thomas Cook in Jordan (7 months).
6) In Jordan, I met my beautiful, Filipino wife. We got married in August 2011 (civil wedding).
7) My best job until now was Commercial Assistant for Crea (from April 2011 until June 2012).
8) In September 2012, my wife and I moved to the Philippines.
9) By the end of September, I was hired as Dutch Email and Chat Support for Freelancer.com.
10) Our church wedding will be in July this year (2013, for in case I forget to update this page).

These were “The 10 of Henrique.” Do you still like it? Then for sure you should follow my page. I’ll try to update very regularly. However, I always say that when I start a blog, but I can’t maintain it after a few posts. Well, I have four posts already, that’s better than most of my previous blogs.



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