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A Pyromaniac Day

SM Mall of Asia

March 9, Saturday evening at 7 pm Filipino time (which is around 45 minutes later thant the scheduled time), we were ready on the wall at the water to see two countries competing in the ‘Firework Olympics,’ also known as ‘Pyromusical’ at Mall of Asia, Manila.

This was not our first episode of ‘the games.’ We were here before on the opening evening to witness the action of Japan and Finland. This was lacking the action I expected from a Firework competition. Nicely done of course, but it missed some beat.

Philippines International PyroMusical Competition

This time, we were back. VIP tickets to satisfy my European pride as this night, there was macaroni and cheese on the menu: Italy vs. the Netherlands. Who had most fire in their soul and soul in their fire?

Italy took a great start with some kicking action. They also managed to ad one of world’s greatest songs (Bohemian Rapsody) to their playlist and they were able to show the mellow, opera and rock in their fire.

Unfortunately for Italy, the Netherlands brought a show that was never seen before (by me … I confess, I haven’t seen any competition before, but I assure you, it was great). Awesomeness from beginning until the end, bombing the air and the see that even World War II would become jealous. Spoiler alert (as if someone would see this exact show again): it started with some very week fires, sideways and frontways, that we thought it was a mistake … until the bombs exploded and the see was on fire. A serious kickoff that would just rise even more during the show, ending in a climax that made me shake and even almost cry.

I’ve seen only four countries out of twelve, but I don’t need to see more. I have chosen my winner of the 2013’s competition. It may sound prejudice, but I can tell you that this is not common for a Belgian towards his northern neighbors. They just did it!

I’d say “Hup Holland Hup” and “Oranje Boven,” but this is an English blog, so I’ll leave this out of it.