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Love And Marriage

Sweetie, euhm, can I … mmmm … can I talk about marriage? Am I allowed?


Marriage (Photo credit: Lel4nd)

What is marriage? Marriage is what people decide for when they feel that they are made for each other and they want to spend eternity together. Admitting that many others can’t live to that promise, but being sure that for you it’s different. Is it different? That will only rely on yourself and your ‘the one.’

The best situation to keep a promise like that is by being the same. Thinking the same, liking the same things, hating the same people, but how often are people ‘the same?’ Indeed, not often at all. In such cases it’s important that both parties know that, that both are open to the desires of the other and that you also expect the same with out having to worry about what to say.

A marriage is in the best case something that evolves out of love and trust. Trust is important. They chose for you; that means that whatever happened in the past, they didn’t choose that. Think about that before you start wondering why the other wants to know how someone is doing.

Book illustration, pen drawing

In the hunting and dating stage, people want to look good … amazing! Once that boils down to a marriage, it seems not so important anymore. You don’t have to impress anyone, you ‘won’ already. But I don’t get that way of thinking. To me, that looks like tricking someone into it. Wouldn’t it be better the other way around? Being your normal, natural, pretty self in the first stage. That way, you will find someone who’s blinded by your personality rather than your make-up. Once they say ‘I DO,’ you switch from pretty to ‘waauw!’ Jackpot instead of a ‘plastic medal cause you arrived.’

Further in the marriage, support is necessary. The butterflies leave, which is normal, but the love should stay. How? By giving freedom, trust and support. Even if that would mean that it’s not the best for the togetherness, if it makes the other happy, it should make you happy and proud too.

As what I’ve said to others before, and I feel that this is a good idea for many people, “Ok, no problem” with a smily face is a good answer. Not all proposals need questions like “Why?” or “Is that something you would really want?” because that’s more than just words.

Is it ok if I have a drink with the colleagues later?
– Ok, no problem. 🙂 Enjoy!

Sounds easy, right? Well, it is easy. Start today!