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Happy Freezter (or a Freezy Easter)


Here in the Philippines, it may be summer, but with my Belgian family and friends, winter hasn’t gone into spring yet. Who was dreaming of a ‘White Easter?’



The Trip of a Birthday Package


Sent by my mom in Belgium on February 19 for it to be for sure in time for my birthday (March 26). After being on it’s way for a very long time, it finally arrived on March 27. I wonder what places my package has seen, but it didn’t make pictures on the way.

Blue Agama in Wadi Rum

Blue Agama in Wadi Rum

This is the Blue Agama, a lizard that lives (among other places) in Wadi Rum, Jordan. While I worked in Jordan for 7 months, I visited the desert of Wadi Rum every week. However, only during my second visit, I was able to capture this beautiful creature. After that, I have never seen one again.

Walking on Sunset

Walking on Sunset